Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Strange Things Our Bodies Do

As of today I am 18 days post op. I am on the semi solid diet, being able to eat tuna and pasta. I am looking forward to the day when I can have MEAT! I am a carnivore and I need chicken or beef or SOMETHING! I believe I can start having those foods towards the end of May. It will come soon enough, I am doing everything I can to stick to the plan and follow the rules.

With that being said, I have stopped losing for the past three days. I had gotten worried that my body was trying to say ' Ok, you take it from here'. I have lost 20 lbs so far, and yes, that is amazing. I just want the best results possible. So, after wondering why the hell I hadn't lost for 3 days, I decided to measure myself. Call me Sherlock Holmes because I solved the mystery! Not only have I lost 20 lbs, I have lost 11 inches all over my entire body- mainly in the boob area, but a significant amount in my waist and my neck as well. So just because I wasn't seeing the pounds on the scale, my body was still working hard while partnering with my efforts. It was a definite non-scale victory!!

Not only have I been sticking to the menu plans and taking my vitamins, I went out and purchased a bicycle and a child trailer! Now I have no excuse of not wanting to get up and go to the gym, or not having child care. I can handle business all right here in my neighboorhood with the child in tow. I am looking forward to the bicycle rides and spending quality time with my daughter as well. Only good things can come from this purchase!

The only things I am having troubles with is getting my protein in, consuming all 64 oz of water and not knowing where to go for conversation about the bypass. I am a member of lapbandtalk.com and I am a regular there( ok, I live there) and obviously, everyone has the lapband. When I talk about the side effects of the bypass or what I am dealing with, no one can relate or help me out. I know that there is obesityhelp.com but I have had some pretty negative experiences over there and I am reluctant to go back. I guess I will just have to save my questions for the doc.

I am hoping to keep the success up and stay on the right path. I know it can be hard, there are many times that I just want to snatch the pizza slice out of my husbands hands and trust me, it takes everything in my power not to. I have a new kind of will power this go round. Maybe its because I have faith that this surgery will actually work. Whatever it is, its working, and I am riding on the feel good train.

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