Wednesday, April 27, 2011

People Come and Go but I Will Forever Be Ali

It was brought to my attention last night that I have changed. Over the night I really thought long and hard if that statement is true. I came to conclusion that it is very true. I am now happy, positive, encouraging and confident. Most people knew me as a sarcastic, miserable, self-hating, debbie downer type of person. I have changed because I know that I can do better than I was, I have changed because I FINALLY care about my life and myself. I refuse to apologize for being happy and finally in the place that I have been supporting everyone else for already being in. I have spent countless hours being happy for everyone else. Numerous conversations of motivation given and encouragement supplied. Now, selfish or not, it is my turn and I will let NO ONE take that from me. If you can't be happy for me being happy then you have no place in my life. For once in my life, I need the cheerleader, I need the motivation, and the pat on the back. I am still sarcastic and I still have my sense of humor but I now I am the Captain of my team and the player as well. I am deciding my future and making things happen. I will not apologize for being me.

Here are my current measurements; eactly 14 days post op:
Neck 16.25
Arm- 16
Waist- 48
Butt- 48
Thigh- 27.75

11 Inches gone!

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