Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Little Bit About Me

For those of you who don't know me and for those of you who do, I want to say 'Welcome'! I am starting this blog for many reasons but when it comes down to it, I am doing this for myself. I need accountability and a reference. I need something 'set in stone' that I can look at and view progress and see my mistakes. This is a journey through my life, my break up with food, my divorce with the lapband, and my new relationship with the gastric bypass.
To be able to read this blog, you are going to have to know a little bit of back story. Why am I fat? Well in April of 2007, my life as I know it, was about to change. I was driving to my house from a gas station early morning and was ran off of the road. Not only was I ran off of the road, I was sent over a curb, through a fence, hitting a tree and then slammed into a garage. From that point on, nothing would be the same. Within the next five months, I would endure two more accidents-being rear ended and worsening a severe and chronic case of back pain. From that point on, my military career was put into jeopardy. I could no longer carry out the duties of a Soldier as I was gaining weight rapidly and put into extreme pain by just wearing my protective gear. Little did I know, within a little over a year, I would be honorably discharged. The ARMY up until that point, was my LIFE LONG CAREER.
Skip ahead a few years, after marriage to a man in the Air Force, and a relocation to Little Rock, Arkansas, you will find me on May 8th, 2009, on the operating table. I am about to get the LapBand that I have been waiting for. The process was relatively quick and only took me about a month from start to finish. I knew great things we're coming my way after this procedure and they did. Within four months time I had lost 50 lbs. I went from a size 22 pants to a size 16. Oh I left something out. A month after I got the LapBand, my husband was notified that he had 72 hours to prepare because he was deploying to Afghanistan. Thats a pretty important fact because it leads to the bomb I am about to drop on you next.
After a 4 month deployment, my husband returns September 19th, 2009, this day I will never forget, not only because my hero returned, but also because this is the day that I got pregnant with our first child, Aubrey. Within 3 months of being pregnant, I needed a complete unfill. From that point on, I gained a total of 60 lbs and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Now, if you can remember how much I initially lost- 50 lbs then add what I gained during pregnancy +60 I am now +10 lbs higher then I was the day I got LapBand surgery! I was devestated, upset, and all around crushed. But women lose the baby weight, right? WRONG! Little did I know, while I was pregnant SOMETHING happened and my band would be useless for the rest of the time I had it. After 6 months of being filled and unfilled, and no weight loss, I decide to go in and make the decision to have gastric bypass. My doctor does a little review of my records, informs me that my band is defective, and agrees that the gastric bypass would be the best choice for me. So, here I am on the journey AGAIN, with a new outlook, a new determination, and all of the right tools to make it happen.....

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