Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ready to make my life right.....again

As I sit here trying to motivate myself for this surgery, I look at my daughter and realize that I have to make it happen this time. I have ordered a new bodybugg, bought a tanning package to reward myself daily, and spent money on numerous books. I am scared of this surgery and the changes I will have to make. I am looking forward to letting my inner skinny girl out. I need this. I need to be able to play with my child as she grows, I need to be able to stand next to my husband and feel as though we are a good match (physically). I am ready to break this addiction I have to food. Yes, it is an addiction. When I eat lunch, I'm thinking about dinner. When I am getting ready for bed, I am wondering if I can fit another meal in. I am addicted to food and everything that involves it. I use it to celebrate, to mourn, to congratulate, and to relieve my stress. Like my friend once said, I am like a crack addict waiting for my next fix. I have to break up with food. I have to move on. This gastric bypass is my official goodbye. Its my two weeks notice. I will not spend the rest of my life caring more about food than I do my family....I refuse. My new life starts April 13, 2011- stay tuned to my new start on life, progress pictures, and me holding myself accountable- I WILL BE A SUCCESS!


  1. You WILL do this, and I will be by your side (figuratively) through your transformation!!

  2. Great start and I will help you along the way. Remember, support is what will get you through. I'm going to call you every time you are to take a pill and you call me when it gets tough. Love ya! So glad you are doing the blog. It will help, even if you only talk to yourself.

  3. It will be great to see your progress. Remember we are all here for you.